Hoshi mob Hindi

Know why millions of farmers say “there is nothing like Hoshi”

Sumitomo Chemical Hoshi is the organic tonic of crops. It works in three different ways, it acts as a plant growth regulator,

it fulfils the micronutrient requirements of plants and it has seaweed extracts that enhance crop growth and yield. Hoshi is a complete product that fulfils all the growth requirements of plants. Thus, farmers don’t have to buy separate bags of micronutrients like iron, zinc, magnesium or manganese. This saves the cost and farmers can provide all the micronutrients to plants in just one go. The micronutrients present in Hoshi reduce flower and fruit drop. When the crop gets sufficient micronutrients, the yield increases.

Hoshi is a green triangle product, which means, it is safe for farmers and the environment. Hoshi is made from the best authentic raw material; hence farmers can be sure of the quality. Hoshi is completely organic, which means, that there is no residual effect in the harvest.

Please buy a Hoshi pack that has the logo of Sumitomo Chemical India Limited and the picture of a Japanese doll.

Hoshi Jaisa Kuch Nahi | For More information please visit – http://sumitomoproducts.com/

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